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Are you a true raver or a poser?

Are you a true raver or a poser?

You Know You're a REAL Raver When....

What kind of music do you listen to outside of the club scence?
rap mostly, I kinda get sick of that techno stuff.
techno, duh.
some punk and rock, but for the most part techno.
what is this techno you speak of? I listen to pop.
they play techno at clubs?

What do you go to raves for?
to meet new people and socialize.
to dance the night away of course WOO HOO!!! I got me my glowsticks...
to do drugs. yea baby!
to pick up stoned chicks.
to count the pretty lights.

How many times do you go to raves/parties?
once or twice, I don't go to often.
I've only been a couple times but I'm just starting to get into it.
are you kidding me?!?! I lost track after 1,000....
mommy says I'm not old enough to go to raves or parties.
every once in awhile.

Ok which describes you best:
I've always got black on, I love halloween and I've got black hair. I'm all black!!! mwhahahaha
I've got blond hair and I love avril lavigne yea!!!
I've always got a My Little Pony shirt on and some pink or neon colored pants. I got pink, red, or brown hair.
I got me some jeans that go to dah floor and my chain necklace made of pure gold on. I don't giva woot!!!
I've got lots of bracelets on and sometimes I'll wear some neon colored pants. I got brown, blonde, or any other color hair.

Ok, and finally, how long have you known about raving?
omg I just found about it through this quiz! haha!
what the hell is raving?
for a year or so.
since i was like 5!!
I'm not really sure...but it's been awhile now.

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