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Are you happy?

Are you happy?

are you happy? well take the quiz and you will find out :)

1. Do you have a loving family that cares for you?
Yeah! They are always there for me 100% of the time!
Kinda. I get in fights with them a lot though.
No, i'm always the quiet one in the family, and i always seem to fade into the background
No, they don't care about me.

2. Would you change anything about yourself?
Yeah, sometimes
No, I am perfectly happy the way I am :)
Yeah, honestly, I'd change everything about myself
No, i guess not

3. Do you have friends that have your back?
Yes, I do! They are the best friends that anybody could have!
I don't have friends...
my one or two good friends are usually there for me
my friends are almost never there for me

4. How often do you get depressed?
never ever! :D!
occasionally i do, but everyone does right?
pretty often

5. Do YOU think you're happy?
Yesss i do!
I think that i'm...okay
no :'(

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