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Findout your Ideal Mate!

Findout your Ideal Mate!

Findout your Ideal Mate by using this test.

1. Where would you choose to live?
Near the sea
On the hill
In a big city
In a farm
In a jungle

2. If you are going on holidays, when do you feel most happy?
One day before leaving
When everybody has fun together
When talking
When leaving and when coming back home
When eating

3. What do you think when you have dreamed about achieving something?
I will achieve it in reality.
My effort will be paid off.
I will fail.
Only success in a dream, so what?
No special meaning.

4. There are lots of different dishes on the dining table. What do you want to eat first?
Soup or curry
Rice or bread
Dessert or fruits

5. What do you think when you see a beautiful sunset?
Wow! How beautiful.
Oh! How sad.
Nice weather
I want to shout as loud as I can.
Tomorrow I must try harder.

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