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How Discreet Are You?

How Discreet Are You?

Being discreet means to do something so that it isnt obvious. For example, If you want to text on your cell phone during class, hold the phone below your desk level and be discreet about how you look around so that the teacher doesnt suspect you.

1. A new girl has just entered your class. Your reaction is...
Lets hope shes nice.
I wonder why she moved...

2. One of your class mates has been abesnt for a while and you don'y know why.
Hmmm, somethings not right. you call to see if she's ok.
You ask your friends and people around you if they've heard anything.
Who cares? you never liked her anyway.

3. You find a classmates datebook on the floor.
You pick it up and see whose it is.
You grab it- it'll be a good book for reading later!
You leave it where it is.

4. You catch a classmate looking throug your bag.
Taken aback, you ask the person what she/he is looking for.
You begin hurling every insult you know at that person.
You're not bothered; you have nothing to hide.

5. You hear that one of your classmates, Lisa, who always gets excellent grades, is a total cheat! you...
already knew but why gossip about it.
run and tell the teacher
ignore it: after all, she's not the only one who does it, is she?

6. You see your best friend's boyfriend giving a present to another girl. You...
don't do anything but keep an eye in him. you never know.
since you know the girl, you try and find out what he gave her.
you can't be bothered; that's THEIR business.

7. One of your classmates hasn't spoken to you for a long time. you...
ask her what the matter is
don't say anything but ask around
hadn't even realised!

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