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How gay or straight are you?

How gay or straight are you?

For this test to be at all accurate the idea is to be open minded when answering the questions, and keep in mind this is just for fun.

Note: (Bi and Pan) are a majority of the population and very unrecognized (most likely because they are very misunderstood) and you cannot simply "fit them into gay or heterosexual catergories"... see what i mean?.... yes, there is "spectrum of sexual orientations", but Bi and Pan make up the majority of that spectrum!

1. If you identify as straight, does the idea of being with the same sex sexually appeal to you in the least bit?
I'm bisexual
I'm Gay

2. If you identify as gay, does the idea of being with the opposite sex sexually appeal to you in the least bit?
Yeah, still bisexual
Straight person over here...

3. Basic question, what do you identify as?
Bisexual or Pansexual
Confused or Curious

4. I'm going to assume we all like porn, at least a little bit, out of the following, which porn do you enjoy watching the most?
Straight boy on girl sex
Lesbian or Gay sex
Threesomes (of any combination)
Orgies, Gangbangs, or Group sex in any combo

5. Do you think you could ever have an exclusive RELATIONSHIP with someone of the same sex?
Yes (if you're gay, check this one)
Maybe, if its the right person
I just like having sex with them

6. Has anyone every accused you of being a homophobe?
Yes, often, gays make me uncomfortable
No, never, I'm secure in my sexual identity
Why would they? I'm as queer as can be!
Once or twice...

7. When out in public, who are you looking at as you walk around?
Same sex
Opposite sex
Same sex (but for their clothes)
Everyone, I'm an observer

8. Random question... athletes on teams slapping each other's asses when they get off the feild, queer? or just friendly sportsmanship?
Duh! It's friendly, none of that gay crap!
Just shows how gay footbally players are
Eh, some of those guys are questionable
A little weird, but innocent none-the-less

9. Gay Marriage: Good? Bad?
Who's to judge one person loving another???
According to God it's not right.
I just think it should be between men and women
I dont care, let people marry who they want.

10. Do you think gay relationships work as well as straight relationships?
Sometimes they have more probs due to society

11. Out of these, which is your favorite?
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex

12. Which of these shows (or types of shows) do you like most?
Soap Operas
Queer as Folk
Anything ESPN

13. Are gays more promiscuous then straight people?
I dont know

14. Are there any gay people in your family?
Yes but they're not openly gay
Don't know, there could be

15. Who are you supporting this election?

16. Which would you consider yourself?
In Between

17. If you're a guy, what kind of underwear do you wear?
Briefs (... or banana hammocks)
Boxer Briefs
I'm a Girl

18. If you're a girl, what kind of underwear do you wear?
Normal bikinis/Granny panties
Boxers/boxer briefs
I'm a guy

19. Have you ever had feelings (romantic) for someone of the same sex (or opposite sex if you're gay) but not necessarily been sexually attracted to them?
I'm not positive, but its possible
Yeah, I'm bisexual...

20. Whats the opinion of gay's in your family?
Great people, whats the difference??
God awful sinners...
It's never really come up
To each his own, I'd prefer not to see it

21. Finally, if you dont already know the answer, you'd say the maker of this test is:
Totally Gay
Totally Straight
Just kind of a freak

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