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How old are you? (i will try to guess your age)

How old are you? (i will try to guess your age)

Okay, well Im guess your age. No baby ages because babies or infants dont take quizzes! Also this quiz is based on maturity that leads to the age you will get :) enjoy!

1. When you think of a toy, what do you think?
"i want that toy!"
"that toy is cool, but i dont want anyone to pick on me"
"thats so babyish"
"i will get it for my child"

2. When a rumor is going around, what do you think about rumors?
"ooh im telling on you!"
"really, is that true about -so and so-"
"i learned to ignore them"
"those rumors became true!"

3. What do you think about electronics?
"video games! woo hoo!"
"give me the remote, my tv show is on!"
"my cellphone. i love texting"
"those things are so complicating, im just fine talking over the phone than on computer"

4. Do you like animals?
yes. i want a dog. a doggy for christmas!
no, im scared of them
Yes, and it makes me sad watching those abuse commercials about them
i used to, but i cant keep up with them :\

5. LAST QUESTION. fave food?
pizza :P
pasta :P
steak :P

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