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How shallow are you?

How shallow are you?

Figure out how shallow you are!! Take this quiz!

1. You're opinions of fashion?
Most important thing in the world!
It helps me look good
I don't care what's in fashion, as long as I'm comfortable in what I'm in

2. You ask a guy/girl out, why?
Cuz they're hot like me!
They look good but I know a few things about them
Because I like them for who they are

3. Grades?
I don't care, I'm too fashionable to care about grades
I'm decent with them, but still manage to look good
I've never gotten below a B

4. Social Clique?
Popular people
Nerd, band geek, video gamer, musician

5. Final question, do you bully people who aren't like you?
Yea, it's really funny to cuz they'll never amount to what I look like or am able to do!
On ocassion, but I know when its gone too far
I never bully people, I use reverse phychology on them so they avoid me

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