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Journey to the Real You

Journey to the Real You

Please answer for each following questions:

1. If your boat sank, you swam to a life boat and climbed in...
How many people would be in there with you?

2. Then you row to shore and had to cross a desert.
How many pairs of shoes do you use?

3. In the distance you see a city and to the side there is an oasis.
Which action do you take?
stop and rest for as long as you want
rest for just a minute
ignore the oasis and keep going towards to the city

4. You get to the city and there's a castle. At the edge of a long corridor you see a king (or a queen) on the throne.
What does he or she look like?

5. You go down a spiral stairway lit with torches intermittently. As you're walking down, a knight (or a lady) from the court passed you by. Surprisingly, he/she looks like someone you know.
Type the name of that person below:

6. Then you get to a banquet room and you see a long table. In the middle of the table there was a gold goblet. You look inside...
How full of wine is it? (0 to 100) %

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