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The Success Rate of Your Relationship

The Success Rate of Your Relationship

Select the answer that most appeals to you initially. Don't think about this too much, just answer!

1. The first time you met him, how did he act?
It was so obvious that he was staring at you.
He just said "hi".
He was about to smile at you but you had already given him a big smile.

2. When you meet him socially, he __________
says "How are you?" or crack a joke.
seems a little uptight.
doesn't look at you or sometimes pretends that he isn't when you catch him.

3. When you call him, he __________
does all the talking. If you don't stop, neither does he.
says "Hi! How are you? I'm glad you called."
says "What's up? Nothing much? Well, I have to get back to work."

4. When you are out with him and a good-looking girl walks past, he __________
stares at her.
glances at her and says "She's cute."
doesn't care.

5. Whenever you are together, he __________
talks about general topics such as the weather or politics.
talks about one of your favorite subjects and is extremely interested in what you have to stay.
doesn't talk much really. He just answers your questions.

6. On your birthday, he __________
gives you a surprise birthday present.
overhears other friends talking about it, and then remembers.
says "Oh! Is it your birthday? I didn't know that!"

7. When you get sick, he __________
asks your best friend about how you are doing.
calls and says "I really hope you get well soon."
says "Oh, there's something going around. A lot of people are getting it."

8. If you were talking to a handsome friend and he saw you, he would __________
walk over to the two of you and ask "What are you guys talking about?"
look very grumpy and demonstrate that he doesn't like the two of you talking all.
just walk on by as if nothing was happening.

9. If you got on a crowded bus with him and there was just one seat available, he would __________
tell you to sit down so you wouldn't get tired.
ask whether you would like to sit, otherwise he would offer it to someone else.
just take the seat quickly before someone else managed to.

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