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Top Kids Movies of all the time, How did you do?

Do you love movies? Most people do. But there’s a difference between fans and experts-people who can remember the details that make movies magical.

In finding Nemo, Nemo and his father are clownfish. Where do they live?
Inside a coral reef
Inside a sea anemone
In a bathtub
At Disney world

In the Chronicles of Narnia ; The lion the witch and the wardrobe, whom does lucy meet first in Narnia?
The White Witch
A pirate
Peter a rabbit
Mr. Tumnus, a faun

March of the penguins document what type of penguin?
Polka dot

In the incredible, before the incredible family battled syndrome they led normal lives and Mr. Incredible had a normal office job. What name did he go by?
John Q Public
Normal Guy
Bob Parr
Pat Plum

In Charlie and the chocolate Factory, what did Charlie find beneath the wrapper of a wonka chocolate bar?
A whistle
A golden pizza
A Golden ticket
A Giant Peach

In Monster Inc. What is sulley’s job at the scream processing factory?

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