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What Makes You Beautiful?

What Makes You Beautiful?

Everyone has a beauty of some kind and true beauty has NOTHING to do with what you look like. As clique as that was...anyway...I have met very few truly ugly people. Sorry, this quiz is mostly for girls...

1. After checking almost every year in the past, you and your friends end up on the Titanic. What's your first move?
I just need to grab the burgler,get out!
I need to warn the passengers,even if they think I'm crazy.
Both answer a and answer b

2. You find the burgler floating in the water. How do you get to him?
Just yell at him from up in the ship "GET OUT OF THE WATER SO WE CAN GET OUT OF HERE!!"
Get him on a raft
I'll jump in,duh.
I'll attempt all of the above

3. The burgler tells you that he was going to tell the captain about the sinking of the ship but he fell off the ship.
Did he get in a gang fight at the edge or something?
Ok,let's just get out of here know.
Ok,ok,what's the next thing we do?

4. After warning the captain, the next place you have to go is the Great Depression.
Ok, I guess maybe that will give me some creative ideas for art projects
There I'm going to just help the needy
Yay! another adventure
Um..fine I guess i'll go ):

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