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What does being a friend really mean to you?

What does being a friend really mean to you?

Read the following statements and check the items that true for you.

You have cried your eyes out because of things your friends have done.
You look forward to going to school every day because your friends are there.
When you see something nice, you immediately think of one of your friends and wish you could share it with them.
You hope that your friends achieve happiness, and you are always thinking of ways to help them achieve this.
Your friends like to dress like heavy rockers, and you follow suit whereas you really like to wear cute and pretty outfits.
You think that you could cope with losing everything that you own, but definitely not your friends.
When you have problems, you share them with your friends as soon as you can.
You get very angry if people criticize your friends, even though sometimes the comments can be true.
You write down the lyrics to songs that are about good friendships, and sometimes write poems for your friends.
When your friends get upset, you feel even worse.
You feel bad if the teacher punishes you alone, but together with a friend, it doesn't really bother you.
Without friends, you would drop dead.
Your friends give you moral support and they are part of what makes you successful.
You are sensitive and get upset with some things your friends do--even though they don't realize what they've done.
When you are miserable, thinking of your friends makes you feel better.
You love songs about friendships. They are so touching.
Not only do you like the songs, you admire the songwriters as well.
You worry about the things you say because you are afraid that you might accidentally hurt your friends.
You get lonely easily but you wouldn't want your friends to be the same.
You've wished that you will stay good friends with your friends forever (or even better in the next life as well).

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