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What is Missing from your life?

What is Missing from your life?

Is your heart missing a piece? find out what do you secretly want to fill that hole!

1. you are taking a walk in the park because...
it helps clear your head
it's good exercise
I love the outdoors and nature
probably using it as a short-cut

2. you heard a muffled sound behind some bushes so you take a look, in a secluded are of the park an old man is doing a crazy dance and talking gibberish!
Ok.... Psycho...
should I call the medics or something?!
turn around and pretend you didn't see that
start laughing at him, crazy old man XD

3. the Old man is a wizard and seeing you disturbs the spell he was casting! the ground beneath you vanishes and you start falling!!!! when you open your eyes next it's in...
an open meadow, a few birds chirping in the distance
a forest with GAINT trees, you can't even see the sky above you!
a desert, the sun all but burned your skin off...
a crowded street but nobody is paying attention to you D=

4. after a moment of panic you try to find civilization (unless it was the last option from the above) what is the first thing you'll do?
shower, I need to shower! also food and shelter
find the wizard and go home, DUH!!!
investigate the place, where are you? what's the date? currency...etc
find someone who can help me out of this mess *cries*

5. after a few hours of aimless walking down a path you see a city!!!! it's surrounded by a huge wall though and the guard won't allow you in without the proper pass.
nag and beg your way in!!!
try to charm the guard into letting you in
sneak in when he's not looking like they do in the movies!
try the old "whats that?" trick and dash in when he falls for it ;-D

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