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What kind of Married life will you have?

What kind of Married life will you have?

You have spent hours, days, and probably even months planning your wedding down to the tiniest detail. The gown is gorgeous. The flowers will be stunning, the food divine, and the guest list perfect. In short, you have thought of everything. Your wedding will come off without a glitch. Can you say the same for your marriage?

1. What is your wedding like?
Traditional; white gown, church setting.
Romantic; in a garden, flower petals on the floor.
Discreet; small wedding with only a couple of people.
Unique; you don't want to be defined!

2. How many children will you have?
One or two; we're not trying to start a band here people.
We don't need kids. We have each other.
Two or three. Give or take.

3. Where will you live?
In a big house. Maybe a Tudor.
A loft.
A mansion.
An apartment.

4. What are your friends like?
If they got any more like us.. WE'D BE TWINS!
Simple. They're all married with kids.
We have different kinds of friends.
We don't have friends.

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