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What type of cupcake are you?

What type of cupcake are you?

Are you a sporty cupcake, or a bright pink sparkly one? Find out here!

1. Pick your crew (like who you hang out with)
The weird and nerdy but super nice people
The creative musicians or artists
The completely normal people
The sport-mad athletes
The girly girls that love pink :D
The emo group

2. What do you usually wear for a day-to-day style?
Plain, just shirt and jeans
Always my favourite colour, black and more black
Music t-shirt, skinny jeans, Converse sneakers and sunglasses
Short skirts or anything pink :D
Usually my sport uniform, like for volleyball or other
Whatever I find on my bedroom floor

3. Describe your ideal partner (girlfriend/boyfriend)
Someone who's normal and honest, but really kind
Someone who hates all the same things I do and won't try to change me
Someone who loves music and is really creative and nice
The hottest person I know. We'd make a perfect team :D
Someone who's really athletic and loves sport, like I do.
Someone who's really smart and is also willing to put up with my Star Wars/Halo/Assassin's Creed obsession

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