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What type of easter candy are you?

What type of easter candy are you?

It is time to remove the foil from your personality, jump in a basket of plastic grass, and get to know your sweet new springtime self. Take the quiz!

1. With all the rain, mud, and melting snow, springtime can be pretty messy. How messy are you?
I'm as messy as I want to be.
I'm only messy around my close friends.
My room might look messy, but I know where things are.
Sometimes I'm neat, and sometimes I'm a total slob.
I'm not dirty, but I do tend to leave my stuff all over.
I'm pretty tidy.
It's very neat, so I can tell if anyone's been touching my stuff.

2. If you were hiding Easter eggs around the house for a little kid to find, you'd probably:
Wear bunny ears as I hide them. I'm all Easter-ed up!
Make them easy to spot. It's a game, not a CSI investigation.
Make sure a few of them have exciting stuff (not just candy) inside.
"Hide" them in silly places (like in a class of water)
Make some of them easy to spot, and some almost impossible.
Hide them really well. It'd be funny if one or two are never found.
Wish I were still a kid! Finding them is more fun than hiding them.

3. If you and your friends go shopping for spring clothes together, you might:
Buy the cutest thing I find
Buy something dark colored. Pastels aren't "me."
Get a T-shirt that makes me laugh
Help them pick out stuff they'll love
Buy a springy jacket
Have trouble deciding what to spend my money on
Point out the most hideous spring outfits, and laugh

4. If we say "rabbit," the first thought that pops into your head is most likely to be:
A fluffy wuffy bun-bun
Saying "Rabbit rabbit" on the first day of the month
The Easter Bunny
Bugs Bunny (or another cartoon character)
Rabbits have sooo many babies!
The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland
The rabbit guy from Donnie Darko

5. What's something you really love about spring?
All the rain = potential rainbows
The cool, clean smell of melting snow
April Fool's Day
Birds singing outside my window
Everyone's in a better mood, all of a sudden
More baby animal videos start appearing online
I like ALL of these!

6. If you were decorating Easter eggs right now, you'd probably try:
Painting or drawing hearts and flowers on them.
Covering them in random lines and patterns.
Covering them in polka dots.
Making a special one for each person in my family.
Adding cute stickers.
Letting them sit in the dye for a while. I like deep, dark colors.

7. Choose a springy activity:
Skipping through a grassy field
Stomping in mud puddles
Joking around with my crush
Riding in a car during a rainstorm
Making summer plans with friends
Giving myself a makeover
How can I choose? I want to do them all!

8. Pick a place you'd like to hang out this spring (other than in someone's Easter basket):
In a climbable tree
In a friend's room
In my room
An outdoor party
In my sibling's room (when they're not around)
On a fuzzy picnic blanket
Somewhere haunted (or otherwise mysterious)

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