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Will you get with your crush?

Will you get with your crush?

Do you have a crush? Does he like you? This quiz will answer all! ;)

1. Do you have a crush?
Sort of
why should I tell YOU?

2. Have you told him?
My friend has..
next week...Yeah....Well...Next...umm....No.

3. What do your friends think of him?
They think he is FITTTT!
He is my best friend
They dont know...
My friends say i can do better and really dont like him much.
....they dont know him....

4. When your in the same room he is..
standing in his group ignoring you
standing right next to you
standing with his friends but he keeps looking at you and giving eye contact but you break it...Your shy!
Gives me eye contact like serious we stand staring but my friends glare at him! LoL!
He's never in the same room as me...

5. Do you have a lot in common?
Yeah! We do loads of the same stuff!
Yep! Im his BEST-FRIEND!
I dont really know what he likes...
No, not really...
Why am I telling you all this?!

6. Do you talk often?
No! He's always too busy for that!
Well... I hardly see him!
Yes.... Again he is my friend!
Well sort of, we do talk a little bit but we're more eye contact stage :)
I dont know what to say I freeze up and get all shaken and omg! We're on serious eye contact though

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